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3 reasons your kids should wear sunglasses Do your kids wear sunglasses? I admit, I have always thought of children sunglasses as a fun accessory. Sort of like hair bows for little girls, I would grab up a pair of cute shades in a heartbeat to give my boys that extra cute factor (like they needed it, ahem). But the fact is, the sun can damage the eyes just like it can damage the skin, which means sunglasses are much more than an accessory. Last week I had the chance to chat with fake oakleys for sale some folks from the Vision council and learned quite a bit about protecting my children eyes. The top three reasons for me were: Eye color Some studies suggest that blue eyes are at more risk for UV damage than brown eyes. The protective pigment melanin may be the key reason since blue irises have less of it. Geography Location can fake oakleys free shipping have an effect on UV levels. Of my two boys, one of them has crystal blue eyes and we live in Raleigh, NC which surprised me as being 17 on the list of cities with the most risk in terms of UV rays. Suffice it to say, I will be stepping up my game when it comes to sunglasses. When purchasing sunglasses for you or your children, make sure they are comfortable and have both UVA/UVB protection. Or just choose from one of the awesome pairs I found for you. My son (2) is starting to love fake oakleys wholesale them, but he doesn always keep them on. The babybanz type we had one. They are very flat across the face. My son has long eye lashes and they didn really work for him when he was a baby. If you live near a 5Below, they carry sunglasses. So do many dollar stores. Heck, Target had sunglasses a few weeks ago for $1/each. I bought 2 pair. He plays with them. They get broken or scratched. Scratched lenses will affect his vision. I wipe his as often (or more so) as I wipe mine. If he refuses sunglasses, I try to make him wear a hat in a perfect world, he wear both. Bucket hats are cute cover eyes/face/ ears/neck live in the Philadelphia Metro area. If we are by water I insist on sunglasses. Usually once the sun is in his eyes, he asking for them. I think every mom is awesome cheap fake oakleys, because it is not easy and I don mean to criticize. However, why was this not a problem when our generation were babies? Do you really think that our children can handle it? I kind of worried that our kids are babied a little too much, and I mean from a lot more than just sunglasses. It really isn a bad idea, it just all the new things we do add up to how much we won let them do or be around! I think however, that every parent knows their kid the best and whatever best fake oakleys you think they need and whatever you want to do for them is awesome! I was just curious on other mom opinion, with this thought. This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.




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