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Activist Hydeia Broadbent, 29, appeared on the “Oprah Winfrey Show” back in 1996 when she was only 11 years old. She appeared on the show to discuss her battle living with HIV/AIDS. When ask, “What’s the hardest part about living with AIDS”, the interview with Oprah became heart felt and emotional when Hydeia broke down in tears.

“When your friends die, that’s the hardest part because you love them and you always loose a friend to AIDS, a lot of my friends have died of AIDS”.

At birth, Hydeia was abandoned at the University Medical Center in Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, where she was soon adopted by Patricia and Loren Broadbent. She was born HIV-Positive through no fault of her own then later diagnosed with the virus at age 3 after her birth parents were tested positive.

She admitted having full blown AIDS and symptoms at the age of 5, including fungus in brain, blood infections, pneumonia and even went cold blue a couple of times. By 6 years of age, the young HIV activist was well known as a public speaker.

Hydeia recently appeared on Oprah’s OWN, “Where Are They Now”, where she opens up about her life’s progress and struggles, turning 30, dating and planning to start a non-profit organization. Since her interview on Oprah the survivor has been traveling the world and spreading the message to people about prevention.

Hydeia has successfully inspirred millions of people including NBA legend Magic Johnson. Today she is a motivational international speaker with a serious mission to educate people of all ages about issues concerning HIV/AIDS.

Hydeia lives with her sister Patricia who is also living with the virus.

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