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employees would switch jobs

"It’s not about the money."

Part and parcel of that recognition is Credential Financial’s speedy decision to step in and subsidize employees’ transit costs following Tuesday’s news that TransLink is eliminating its discounted Employer Pass program.

Even though replacing TransLink’s 15 per cent discount with a Credential subsidy will cost the wealth management company $25,000 to $30,000 every year, the decision was a "no brainer," human resources vice president Matt Brown said.

Almost half of the company’s 240 employees use transit as their primary mode of transportation, and even more are regular transit users. "There’s
replica oakleys a financial implication to them. There’s also a values connection," Brown said. "We understand that people make a decision to work for a particular employer and are much more likely to stay and be loyal and connected to that employer when there is a values fit for them."

Loyalty is in short supply. workers are fairly satisfied with their jobs, more than half (55 per cent) would leave their current job if the right opportunity came up, according to a new Insights West poll. This compares to 52 per cent nationally. employees. Just 43 per cent of employees say they have no plans to leave, and two per cent were unsure.

Surprisingly, it’s not just young employees aged 18
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"The middle aged worker is almost as likely as the younger worker to bolt. Usually it would be a little bit closer to 50 per cent," Canseco said.

Why is loyalty so low?

"Aside from stress levels, the areas that rank lowest for employees when rating employers are related to internal communication," Canseco said. "When you have your internal communication rated so low, the reaction from executives is ‘But we send a billion emails a day.’ Of course you do, but you’re telling them what to do, not communicating a vision."

There has to be a better way to engage with those employees, Canseco said.

"If you don’t understand where the company is going, if the processes and procedures are unintelligible to you, if senior management isn’t communicating properly and you don’t see an opportunity to advance, you’re going to
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But Credential’s Brown said he hasn’t seen meaningful generational differences. Turnover at the company is low, with fewer than 10 per cent of
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Brown said communication and transparency are top priorities. "We want to make sure what (employees) do on a daily basis adds value and they understand what they are doing."

That means creating the structure so employees can connect with the executive team face to face in small groups and informally. Town hall meetings and newsletters are not enough. "It’s not hard to communicate with your employees, but it takes effort to do it in a way that feels real and sincere," Brown said. "There have to be actions
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"Loyalty does look different now," Brown said. "Stickiness to an organization is no longer a default so it puts much greater onus on employers to really be in tune with what their employees need."

The cost of employee turnover has been pegged at anywhere
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And so contented employee Ginting, Credential Financial’s partner and client care supervisor, will soon have an employer subsidy for her 30 minute morning and evening commute between her home in North Burnaby and her job in downtown Vancouver.

"It’s about being able to come to work and enjoy the people you work with and finish the task at hand, and being able to be happy at the end of the day knowing you’ve fulfilled whatever you need to do," she said.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes: