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January 23, 2014 is National Reading Day -- a day so designed for adults to read to children. Did you read to your child today?

Reading is the foundation of all education. A child’s appreciation of books is determined at a very early age and starts subliminally by listening to a parent, grand parent or other adult reading to them. When children do not appreciate reading in their early developmental years, it means that they will fall behind in the elementary school years often never being able to catch up with their peers.

But the day doesn’t just have to be about children and reading to children. It can certainly be expanded to spending time to grab a novel or book of your choice and just taking a few minutes to read. Reading seems to have taken a back seat to other “more important” activities which probably in reality really aren’t much more important at all.

Whether you grab a Dr. Seuss book or a book Earnest Hemingway, take some time today to reach out and enjoy a book. You will be glad you did.

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