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Wizards Are Going Back to China 30 Years After Bullets, Wizards Are Going Back to China The final details are still being ironed out, but it appears that the Washington Wizards are about to commemorate the 30th anniversary
oakley sunglasses replica of the Bullets’ groundbreaking journey to China by making a return to the country in early September. The Sports Business Journal
oakleys sunglasses first reported the event in late June, when most of us were caught up in the trade with Minnesota and free agency. The 10 day trip will include current Wizards and former Bullets players who participated in the original trip in 1979. I’ve heard that Caron Butler, Randy Foye and Big Wes Unseld will be part of the caravan, as well as other Wizards executives
cheap fake oakley sunglasses and officials. The Bullets
fake oakleys were the first NBA team to travel to China, when leader Deng Xiaoping invited owner Abe Pollin shortly after Deng had normalized relations with President Jimmy Carter. While in China, the Wizards will host a series of basketball clinics and engage in other philanthropic activities. It won’t compare to the grand diplomatic efforts in 1979, when
fake cheap oakleys the defending champion Bullets played
wholesale oakleys in a couple of exhibition games. I spoke with Pollin about that trip two years ago and he shared with me a hilarious story (to me, at least) about Elvin Hayes and Dave Corzine refused to get off the busArticles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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