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front page for Thursday is just out and it makes unpleasant reading for the PM. It says: "Gillian only popped out for a loaf. She came back with. BROWN TOAST."

2249Neil Scott from Walsall,
fake oakleys cheap UK, writes: What I’ve "learned" today is that Gordon Brown has a different private face to his public face, just like everyone else. I’m tempted to change my mind and vote Labour now, just to show how sick I am with the holier than thou media who think the general public are idiots who need drip fed opinions and treat people like Mrs Duffy as pawns.

sadly it is for Tuesday, rather than the more
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2213The final prime ministerial debate will be held at Birmingham University from 2030 BST on Thursday, the BBC has revealed.

2200The Conservatives have widened their poll lead to seven points, a ComRes poll for ITV and The Independent suggests. It puts the party on 36% up three points on findings published yesterday. Labour remain steady on 29%, while the Lib Dem drop three points to 26%. ComRes telephoned a random sample of 1,006 adults on Monday and Tuesday.

2153Michael Howard, the former Conservative leader, says Gordon Brown has made character an issue during the election campaign, meaning it is not easy for Labour to say now to reverse that decision.

2148Former Labour deputy leader Margaret Beckett says the media are using Gordon Brown’s comments and apology as an excuse not to talk about policy.

2146Former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy says "real people" have been "unanimous" in saying the Gordon Brown episode will not influence their votes.

2125Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman says "gaffe" is the wrong word to describe Gordon Brown’s comments about Gillian Duffy. She tells the BBC News Channel’s Campaign Show he will be "very concerned" at the hurt he has caused.

2116Labour Party aides are expecting Thursday’s newspapers to be "absolutely horrendous" reading for the prime minister, the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg says.

2015Gillian Duffy is being represented by a public relations agent and will not be
cheap wholesale oakleys giving any further comment this evening on her dealings with the prime minister, the BBC understands.

1958Labour general election candidate Kathryn Smith, who is standing in Gravesham, Kent, was arrested after crashing her car into a roundabout, her agent has confirmed. She is understood to have been breathalysed at the scene. Her agent said she had asked to provide a blood sample. Ms Smith was taken to hospital after the incident in Dartford, on Monday night, but was not seriously hurt.

1954Gordon Brown biographer Tom Bower tells Sky News the PM "doesn’t understand English working class fears" and has always thought "they are bigots". But Mr Brown’s later remarks, made inside his car, left him looking "a little grubby", he adds.

1923Gillian Duffy’s nephew Andrew Duffy says of Gordon Brown’s comments inside the car: "It’s a massive gaffe isn’t it? What can you say? He’s made a fool of himself really." On the PM’s visit to his aunt’s house, he adds: "I don’t think she would be star struck, perhaps made him a brew
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1910Paul From Oakley Vale writes: As an ex BBC producer and former sound recordist myself I want to know when the reprimand will be applied to a) the sound recordist who carried on recording when a prime minister was clearly "off camera" and in the private confines of his own car. And b) the reprimand to the opportunist news producer who exploited the sound recordists mistake for their own aggrandizement. Standards of decency and professional conduct have clearly been breached here.

1846PR agent Max Clifford tells the BBC News Channel he has had no contact with Mrs Duffy, amid speculation that she could sell her story. He describes Mr Brown’s gaffe as a "total disaster" and predicted he would "get a good hiding from the media, particularly the Tory media", but adds "it is his fault".

1842Observer journalist, and consistent Brown critic, Nick Cohen says it is "another day wasted" for Labour, thanks to the Gillian Duffy incident, which exposed Mr Brown as a "Nixonian figure". He said Mrs Duffy was just raising the sort of issues many ordinary Labour voters were concerned about.

1836The full text of Gordon Brown’s letter to Labour activists has been released. It is long and full of remorse. He says: "You know I have strengths as well as weaknesses. We all do. You also know that sometimes we say and do things we regret. I profoundly regret what I said this morning."

1828A bunch of yellow flowers have been delivered to Gillian Duffy’s home by the Liberal Democrat leader of Rochdale Council, Irene Davidson.

1810Gordon Brown is reported to have e mailed Labour supporters to apologise again for the Gillian Duffy incident, saying: ‘The worst thing about today is the hurt I caused to Mrs Duffy’.

fake oakleys writes: I can’t say I’m Mr Brown’s biggest fan, but I do think that anyone’s private conversation should remain so private. If you go earwigging you should expect to hear things you don’t like.

1733Nick Clegg discusses his relationship with Christianity. He tells PM: "I quite simply don’t know whether God exists. I know it’s obviously fashionable to say one does, but I don’t." He adds: "I’m not a man of faith. Sometimes I very much wish I was, because I think having faith must be a great thing."

1722Nick Clegg offers some words of sympathy for Gordon Brown. He tells Radio 4′s PM: "If we all had recordings of what we mutter under our breath we’d all be crimson with embarrassment. Gordon Brown has now gone out of his way to apologise. He was quite right to do so, and I think that’s that."

1713Tony Blair’s ex spokesman Alastair Campbell writes about Gordon Brown’s feelings following his remarks about Gillian Duffy being recorded and broadcast. He writes

"I saw him at his Manchester hotel, where we are preparing for tomorrow’s debate, when he returned from Rochdale. To say he was mortified is an understatement. I don’t think I have ever seen him so angry with himself. And he was angry less
fake oakley wholesale about the obvious frenzy he had unleashed than the fact that he said what he did. She was so clearly not a bigot, and he knew that."

1703Peter Kellner, of the polling firm YouGov, says: "Those people who are fans of Gordon Brown will sympathise with him; those who don’t like him will consider it a very bad thing. The question is the reaction of those in the middle. It may be that people will be absolutely appalled. But it may be that a lot of people will say he is a human, there is a lot of stress, isn’t he allowed to say one thing to her in person, and then another in private?"

1656Comic actor Simon Pegg offers an answer
cheap oakley sunglasses to Gillian Duffy’s question on immigration to the PM. The star of Shaun of the Dead and Run Fatboy Run tweets: "Seriously though, where are the Eastern Europeans ‘flocking in’ from? My guess would be Europe, possibly east."

1551Gillian Duffy, the woman earlier described as "bigoted" by Gordon Brown, will not be talking to the media following her personal apology from the prime minister, a Labour press officer says.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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